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About Lori McIntyre

I grew up in Orillia, Ontario, a small town surrounded by thick forests, glistening lakes, and a rich history. Throughout high school, both English and Theatre Arts appealed to me. I wrote stories and also performed. The writing part suited my introverted demeanor, while the performing part challenged me to do something outside my comfort zone. I believe both pursuits helped to shape my interests both then and now. I am the middle child in my family. My eldest sister was/is the artist; my youngest sister, the athlete; and me, the introverted dreamer who hoped beyond all hope to become a ballerina one day. When accepted into the BFA program at York University’s Dance Department in 1980, my heart soared. However, by the second year, reality hit home, and I realized that a passion for something did not equal a living.

Ballet would always have an important place in my heart and life, but not as a vocation. The next logical step seemed to be right in front of me. I had spent my summers throughout high school, directing a program for children with and without Autism. And so there I was, standing at the admissions department at the Faculty of Education. This decision led me to a fulfilling career as an educator for young children, and later, for those at the college level. Building a career and a family consumed me for a while. It wasn’t until middle life that I more seriously put fingers to keyboard. Since that time, I’ve written in a variety of genres, each one providing deep personal satisfaction and challenges. Writing is food for my soul, and I can’t imagine living without it.

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